Lab Extruder Spheronizer

01 Overview

Unique Extruder Spheronizer comprising of charging hopper, extruding chamber, partial reduction device and screen plate.

The lumps are fed from charging hopper. The material flows into extruding chamber and passes through screen for extrusion. The lumps are converted into cylindrical shape. Extudants of different length which drops into spheronizer are cut by centrifugal turning mesh plate and are converted into short spherical granules.

02 Details


  • Perfect production efficiency to achieve good density equal extrusion.
  • Wide range of mesh plate to achieve cylindrical extrudants.
  • PLC controlled panel with perfect interlocking.

03 Technical Details

Main Parameter (as reference)
Productive Capacity g 500-5000
Volume Flow m3/min 5.6
Pressure MPa 0.023
Power V/Ha 415 Hz 50-60
Blower Kw 2.2 re/min 2900
Heater °C From 15°C~120°C Kw 3.75-5.6
Compression Air m3/min 0.4-0.6 kg/hr 0.65
Motor Kw 0.75 rev/min 2900
Dimension (L x B x H) mm 1650 x 820 x 2400
Weight kg 539

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