Multi-Functional Fluid Beds

01 Overview

These Multi-functional Bed System is an excellent choice for granule or pellet coating. Special Cartridge Filters mounted on inside top assures continuous fluidization. These Filters are autocleaned by compressed clean air controlled through PLC. Specially designed air distribution system and spray nozzles offer the latest in fluid bed technology.

02 Details

Salient Features

  • Cartridge filter system for continuous process, made of SS 316L. Easily removable for cleaning purpose.
  • All process parameters are interlocked, thus no possibility of batch failure.
  • Almost zero agglomeration for coater application
  • Online sampling arrangement
  • Unique SOLACE spray gun for chokeless and uniform spray
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Equipment management by the means of automation.
  • High product integrity is achieved by complete strict separation of technical and production area.
  • Dust free handling as per cGMP norms.
  • Integrated cleaning.
  • Special design and components are offered for individual applications and customer requirements.

Top Spray Granulator

The top spray granulator agglomerates fine powder by spraying liquid binding agents, into free flowing powder, forming even size granules and uniform drying of the product.


  • Perfect granules
  • Uniform bulk density
  • Porous structure
  • Excellent solubility

Bottom Spray Coater

The bottom spray on the powder / pellets in the wurster pipe, spouted up, dryed and falling due to gravity ensures every pellets being uniformly coated during fluidization & drying.


  • Uniform and smooth coating
  • Perfect drying
  • Minimum bach time


The hot and dry air is blown through a perforated distribution plate at the bottom of the fluid bed to ensure rapid, gentle and even drying of material until the required residual moisture content (LOD) is obtained.


  • Uniform drying
  • Short process time
  • Modular construction permits less space occupation in the process area

03 Technical Details

Technical Specification MODEL
SFBC-120 SFBC-250 SFBC-300 SFBC-500
Product Container Volume (Ltr.) 425 600 800 1200
Approx. Batch Capacity (Kg.) 100-150 150-250 250-350 350-500
Blower Motor (KW) 18.5 30 37.5 45
Steam Consumption
(in Kg/Hr at 2-4 Bar Pressure)
80-100 100-150 150-200 250-300

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