Solace Coater

01 Overview

Solace Auto Coater has been designed to carry out most perfect and uniform coating with the minium intervention of the operator. Solace Auto Coater is designed as a free standing, totally enclosed unit, with in built WIP system. Its interiors are accessible through leak proof doors provided on rear, left and right sides. The unique perforated coating pan design utilizes a totally enclosed, highly efficient air flow system for maximum drying uniformity and minimum process time. Process air flows through the inlet duct which is directed down through the product bed. The air exits through the exhaust plenum located under the tablet bed. Creating a negative pressure in side the coating pan. Fully automated rotary valves on inlet and outlet ducts located at technical area controls the quantum of inlet and outlet air as per batch size.

Matching solution pump and four point all SS316 air borne spray guns optimize the coating process. Highly sophisticated, accurate and precise positive displacement / self priming peristaltic pumps from UK / USA based Watson-Marlow / Master Flex ensures the process stability and quality of the end product. All SS spray guns are chokeless in operation with automatic nozzle cleaning system, adjustable spray width and automation controls make them suitable for the application of aqueous, organic solvent based film coating, sugar solution coating can be done in the same machine with bypass air duct, sugar solution driping nozzles and jacketed solution tank.

Solace automated PLC based process control system with necessary hardware and software is designed to meet the requirement of process. The control parameters include system monitoring, control, feed back, data acquisition and processing. It Provides total security and can easily add or delete product recipe with proper password access. Solace customizes the operator interface graphic according to the customer’s requirements.

02 Details

Salient Features

  • cGMP Qualified Models
  • Uniform and Smooth Coating without Damaging the Tablets
  • Compact Structure, Steady Performance and Convenient to Operate
  • High Quality Machines with New Technology
  • Minimum Batch Time & Power Consumption
  • World class Mirror Polish
  • Inbuilt WIP System
  • Intelligent Process Control by PLC and Touch Screen HMI
  • Process and Validation Support including DQ/IQ/OQ Documents
  • Automatic Tablet Unloading System Avoids Contamination.
  • High Efficiency, Energy Saving, Safe, User Friendly PLC base Controlled Technology compatble for SCADA and 21CFR part 11 .
  • Customization of Operator Interface Graphic as per Requirements.
  • Complete Automated Process.

Process Flowchart

03 Technical Details

Technical Specification MODEL
660 mm
940 mm
1070 mm
1220 mm
1525 mm
1675 mm
1830 mm
Working Capacity 10-20 40-70 60-100 80-150 200-350 300-750 600-1000
Pan Month Diameter - mm 250 380 380 400 520 520 600
Pan Speed - RPM 2-10 2-10 1-10 1-10 1-10 0.5-8 0.5-8
Main Drive FLP Motor - KW 0.75 1.5 1.5 2.25 3.75 7.5 11-24
Hot Air Inlet Blower - KW 0.75 2.25 2.25 3.75 7.5 7.5 11-24
Exhaust Blower - KW 1.5 5.6 5.6 5.6 7.5 11.25 22.5
Hot Air Fan Capacity - CFM 350 1300 1600 2500 4000 5500 12000
Steam Consumption at Pressure 2 - 4 bar (Kg/Hr) 15-20 40-60 50-70 80-100 120-140 160-180 250-350
Compressed air (CFM) At pressure 6 (Bar) 20 30 30 55 95 110 160
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