Solace Solid Pan Coater for Tablets & Pellets

01 Overview

The unique design of Solace Solid Pan Coating System offers better performance and flexibility of coating requirement over perforated pan system. The Solid Pan Coating System caters to the rising coating demand from an advanced Pharmaceutical Industries requiring the compliances to the WHO, GMP, CGMP standards. The Solid Pan Coating Technology offers a precise coating of any size and shape of tablets, micro tablet, Granules and pellets for film (Aqueous, Non aqueous) as well as sugar coating.

We offer advanced automation by using latest PLC & touch screen graphic MMI, to monitor various processes like air distribution, temperature, humidity, auto cleaning process, Interlocking Security, Auto loading & unloading and CIP/WIP. Latest PLC control enables the user to do multi tasking through PLC and colour touch screen graphic MMI. The PLC programme ensures security, interlocking, auto loading and unloading & CIP/WIP with ease.

Film Coating

Film Coating system comprises of chokeless Imported Spray Gun & Compact Peristaltic Pump for constant and precise flow rate from each gun.

Sugar Coating

Sugar coating system comprises of sugar solution dripping nozzles and pneumatically / electrically operated high pressure diaphragm type pump.

02 Details


Process Flowchart


Salient Features

  • High Quality Machine with latest Technology
  • CGMP Qualified Models
  • High Efficiency, Energy Saving, Safe, User Friendly PLC based Control
  • Uniform and Smooth Coating without Damaging the Pellets / Tablets
  • Compact Structure, Steady Performance and Convenient to Operate
  • Minimum Batch Time & lesser Power Consumption
  • Intelligent Process Control by PLC and Touch Screen coloured graphic HMI
  • Automatic Tablet Loading / Unloading System to avoid contamination
  • Solid Pan for Film Coating and Sugar Coating helps in saving of coating material ie. almost zero loss of coating solution
  • Multifunction system by means of constant and homogeneous one way air flow into and through the pan bed
  • Easily adjustable and removable type dripping nozzles / spray guns both for sugar and film coating, quick validation, adjustment & thorough cleaning
  • Sugar solution dripping nozzles with high pressure diaphragm type pump
  • Specially designed Air Distributing System where suction paddles can be interchanged according to the process requirement
  • Process and Validation Support including DQ/IQ/OQ Documents
Technical Specification MODEL
SP-150 SP-350 SP-500 SP-600
Working capacity* (Min-Max) LT 70-150 150-300 250-400 300-500
Pan Diameter (MM) 1,280 1,580 1,630 1,630
Pan Mouth Diameter (MM) 450 520 520 600
Pan Motor Power (KW) 1.5 3.75 5.5 7.5
Process Air Delivery (M3/H) 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000
Steam Consumption (KG/H) 58 100 130 150
Power Consumption for Standard Equipment (KW)*** 12 20 25 30

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