Spiral Fluid Bed Processor

01 Overview

This latest advanced and automated spiral action movement fluid bed dryer / processor is specially designed in modular construction. The Patented (Technology) air distribution plate creates spiral air flow pattern which gives spiral movement to the product that ensures fast fluidization and uniform heat transfer.

02 Details

Salient Features

  • Spiral movement of air flow ensures gentle product movement.
  • Low rate of small particles in filter with minimized segregation.
  • Low inlet temperature because of optimized heat transfer.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Equipment management by the means of automation.
  • High product integrity is achieved by complete strict separation of technical and production area.
  • Dust free handling as per cGMP norms.
  • The equipment can support integrated system for loading & unloading of the material either by gravity or vacuum suction.
  • Controlled product discharge into containers or drums through discharge valve.
  • Integrated cleaning.
  • Special design and components are offered for individual applications and customer requirements.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Ideal for potent drug manufacturing
  • QASV can provided on demand.

03 Technical Details

Technical Specification MODEL
Product Container Volume (Ltr.) 450 600 800 1200 1600
Approx. Batch Capacity (Kg.)
(Bulk Density 0.6 gm/cc)
150 250 300 500 600
Blower Motor (KW) 18.75 30 37.5 45 56.25
Steam Consumption
(in Kg/Hr at 2-4 Bar Pressure)
60-100 120-150 150-200 250-300 300-400

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